Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I must have been busy!

I can't believe it's more than a week since I last posted. At least that means I have been kept busy enough not to notice time crawling by.

Not busy enough to stop knitting though. I have finally finished Branching Out! Yay! I'm actually quite pleased with it, it is not without mistakes but the practice runs I did with scrap yarn seemed to help me understand the pattern enough that if I did something wrong I could correct it so it at least looked right without ripping out stitches (that was nearly impossible because of the very hairy mohair I used). I will post a photo soon. Hopefully the weather will hold out until I get back from work today so that I can take a picture without flash.

Of course I have already cast on for another project. Another one from knitty, this time Bad Penny. I do think this is a rather cute little top and have it in mind to go with a particular skirt I really like but never wear because I don't have anything to go with it. Something else which obviously particularly attracted my attention was the last paragraph of the description "Major bonus: almost no finishing!" Anyway I've not done much of it so far but I like knitting in the round a lot and it's only stocking stitch so I'm expecting quick progress - I'll keep you posted.

In non-knitting related news: my weekend will sound very dull I expect, I spent most of it buying materials for re-roofing my gran's shed and then (guess what?) re-roofing my gran's shed. It was actually a lot funner than it sounds because I was working with my brother and I really like spending time with him, I've seen quite a lot of him since I got back from uni but he's about to start a new job with long hours (he's a chef) so I will be back to not seeing much of him again. Hey ho, at least we managed to have fun at the weekend and get the roof on the damn shed despite it nearly killing us and us not taking it all that seriously. Let's just hope the next rain shower doesn't show that up!

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Sylvia said...

Hallo Nicola,
ich habe gerade deinen Blog im www gefunden und gelesen das du gerade auf der Uni in Birmingham fertig geworden bist. Auch hast du Deutsch als Sprache ausgewählt und so dachte ich mir ich schreibe dir mal ein paar Zeilen in Deutsch.
Ich habe auch einen Blog gerade erst eröffnet und Stricke auch sehr gern. Solltest du mal Lust haben dann schau doch mal bei mir vorbei.
Liebe Grüße