Saturday, December 10, 2005

A crisis... and its resolution

I had been diligently knitting the Christmas gift sweater for some time now and had always been a little bit doubtful about it. The pattern I was using was the Men's Zipped Raglan from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts which I really like but I never seem to be able to get my gauge right when I am knitting ribbing so perhaps an entirely ribbed design was a foolish choice...

Today I reached the point (after about 8 inches of the body) that this sweater was simply not going to ever be big enough and that even if I started again I am too hit and miss when it comes to ribbing to ensure a result by Christmas.

Sooo... I ripped it out and went back to the drawing board. After a slightly frantic search I have started again with new gusto using a pattern created from "careful" melding of the Men's Zipped Raglan pattern and The Incredible, Custom-Fit Raglan Sweater. This is the first time I have tried adapting patterns in anyway so I will be extra proud if it works out, wish me luck - two weeks to go!

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