Monday, December 04, 2006

And this time I mean it!

Now I actually have a matching pair of FO socks to show off! Yay!

Snowflake socks modelled

Snowflake socks

Snowflake lace

Here are the finished Snowflake socks. I love this pattern very much, so pretty and seasonal but really not that complicated. These are knitted in Regia Silk and as a departure from the pattern I used the pointed toe which I first encountered in the pattern for RPM (NB. RPM socks still not finished...). The reason for that is that I absolutely hate having to do Kitchener stitch for toes, I always butcher it and it ends up looking awful, I know there are probably (definitely, I expect) other ways to go about a normal toe but for the time being this seemed liked an OK solution.

The yarn is beautifully soft, really comfy to wear, but I have to report I'm not totally in love as it seems to pill really quite badly - I think probably in the close up picture you can see the fluffiness that already abounds. That means, that although I had been considering sending these socks as a gift I probably won't do, cos they already look perhaps slightly past their best. Also I don't think wearing them inside a shoe is likely to do them any favours at all.

This means that, save knitting more in different yarn, these remain as a sort of padding about the house kind of sock for me. But as far as I can see there is no harm in that!

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