Saturday, March 17, 2007

Temporarily thwarted

Yes, well... my plans of finishing the Heart Sachets over the weekend are categorically not going to be fulfilled (this sort of thing seems to be a recurrent problem for me!).

The spanner in the works this time is the complete lack of lavender flowers available for purchase in Birmingham (although I have not searched all that exhaustively - no time). The way around this problem is of course to turn to ebay; I have ordered 100g of very reasonably priced lavender flowers from this seller, hopefully these will turn up speedily and then I can get on with filling and finishing the sachets in time for my friend's birthday celebrations.

Here's hoping!

ETA: One thing has gone according to plan: I've started working on Thermal again. The back neckline is now finished I am whizzing up the left front, so soon I will have a rather interesting looking tank top I would think ;)

By the way, Happy St. Patrick's Day to all who might be celebrating.

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