Monday, June 11, 2007

Housewarming yarn!

Surely the best kind of housewarming present? Yup we made it safely into the new house; I used the only area of floor in the house not covered with boxes to take a picture of the new yarn in my life:




(Click on that last one to view it in a larger format - totally worth it!)

This is Piece of Beauty Bluefaced Leicester 3 ply sock yarn in the colourway Cuban Rose. It's for my Sockapalooza socks, my pal said she likes pinks and reds (there's a bit of both in here) and would be grateful for superwash (which this yarn is) so I think I've fulfilled my brief quite well. I'm also pleased that this is yarn from the UK (Scotland to be precise), I eschewed the Colinette in the end as I decided I wasn't 100% sure about the colourway, and this is more likely to be a yarn that is new and special to my sock pal. I hope she will like it, I just have to choose a pattern now. Cable Twist or Seduction socks? I'm erring towards seduction socks at the moment, I think the delicate pattern will fit this beautiful yarn.

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Knit Nurse said...

'Effin gorgeous yarn! Shame I'm not going to be the recipient! (I know my Sockpal is in the US, or perhaps that's just an elaborate ruse to distract me...hmm?!). Anyway, go for Seduction - a much superior pattern IMHO.