Friday, June 22, 2007


The WeatherPixie

This weatherpixie is meant to show the weather for Dubrovnik (which is roughly where I am heading off to for my hols next Thursday). At the moment it seems appropriate that the yarn that I have chosen for my additional holiday knitting is this one:

Sunshine Lorna's Laces

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in the nearly solid colourway Sunshine. Let's hope that this remains an appropriate match - I certainly don't want to escape rainy Birmingham for an equally rainy Croatia - come on weather gods... smile for me!

I ordered the yarn from this website on Wednesday (around lunchtime I think) it arrived yesterday morning at about 9:00am - how's that for service? Most impressive I reckon :)

The yarn is destined to become the Lombard Street Socks from Magknits. I seem to have gone a bit cabling crazy since I started the Falling in Love Socks.... Incidentally I intend to finish the Falling in Love socks before I start the next pair, but it's surely better to take too much yarn on holiday than not enough?


Kath said...

I love all your socks! Great colours and a lovely choice of patterns. I too love Grrr from Knitty and was just deploring the lack of cotton in my stash to make one with - nevermind I'll just have to see how yours come out!

Dipsy said...

Oy! I think you won't have to worry about getting rain in Croatia next week - the weather forecast that I've been reading/seeing said to expect a heavy heatwave there with temps way over 40C! Thus, I think that's the perfect yarn you'll be taking with you - and it's so beautiful! How fun that we'll both be spending next week in Croatia, just in different places - have a lot of fun there and a great vacation!