Saturday, August 04, 2007

Mission accomplished!

My Sockapalooza 4 socks have been completed and now sent - phew!

After all the worry caused by my own idiocy (see the previous post!) I managed to get them done pretty much on time.

I worked the second sock with 1x1 ribbing (thanks to Knit-Nurse for explaining first principles to me - much appreciated) and that did seem to improve matters as far as actually getting the sock over my heel was concerned (hopefully the same will be true for my sock pal). So then I undid the 2x2 ribbing from sock #1 and reworked the cuff of that one - thankfully there was just enough yarn left after unravelling the first attempt to rework the cuff without having to join new yarn. Finally a good block on a sock blocking device fashioned from a wire coat hanger left things looking a lot neater. Et voila!

Both socks certainly have imperfections, and, as I say, I am still concerned as to whether they will fit my sock pal (I suppose that is an inevitable problem when knitting for someone you don't know and can't call upon for a fitting), but overall I think the end result is acceptable...

Falling in Love socks

Lace & cable detail

I hope that my sockpal agrees!

Sock stats

Pattern: Falling in Love by Anniken Allis in Magknits Feb 2007
Yarn: Piece of Beauty 100% BFL superwash in Cuban Rose less than 1 skein
Needles: Clover Bamboo 2.5mm DPNs

The next worry of course is whether or not the socks will safely reach their destination... I hope Royal Mail can be trusted. Other than the socks my package comprised the remainder of the yarn in case there is need for alterations (there was quite a bit left but I think the length of the finished socks is not too skimpy), two prime examples of Birmingham's finest delicacies (i.e. a big bar of Bournville and a packet of miniature bars of Dairy Milk - hope sock pal likes chocolate... never thought of that potential issue...) and a selection of 'beautiful' postcards of the area:

Brum postcards

Brum postcards don't seem to be very inspiring at all unfortunately, but I think the ones I managed to find are not too bad, one even includes the much vaunted (around these parts at least) fact (?) that Birmingham has more miles of canals than Venice... I've never checked but it's a nice idea!

And so my own Sockapalooza mission has concluded. I eagerly await (with a certain degree of trepidation) news of my sock pal's reaction and of course receiving my own socks... the best is yet to come I am sure!


blog-blethers said...

I reckon they're beautiful! Aren't we so often our harshest judges? I'd be really chuffed to receive them. Now, Venice or Brum for that romantic break;) ... mind you, Cardiff doesn't really get the passion pulses roaring either!

Cathy said...

Those are gorgeous! I would definitely be thrilled if I received those socks!

Knit Nurse said...

effin lovely! well done!