Monday, August 13, 2007

A photo story

What could be in here?

What could be inside?

A pretty little box and an envelope, that's what:

Pretty gift box

And inside there is a tissue paper parcel and a pretty notelet:

Blossom note card

And inside that tissue paper parcel is the best of all...

Pomatomus socks!


Pomatomus socks!

Pomatomus socks!

Pomatomus socks!

Pomatomus socks!

These are my Sockapalooza 4 socks from the wonderful and obviously very talented Michaela, needless to say, I love them :) Thank you so very much Michaela, as you can see they fit perfectly, the yarn is lovely to wear and are they especially welcome after my own failed attempt at the pattern (which resulted in the Monkey socks, so it wasn't all bad).

I am so pleased with what this swap has yielded for me so far - I only hope that the socks that I knitted make it to their intended recipient and please her just as much as I have been pleased with these socks.

Thanks once again Michaela!


Knit Nurse said...

I love the colours as well as the design - they make your feet look like they are carved out of some kind of mossy stone!!

melanie said...

Nicola,I recieved my socks today! Thank you so much! :)
Love them
Please stop over my blog