Monday, September 10, 2007

Craft imitating life

Well it looks like its been a while... life has been busy and not always that much fun recently. My thesis is proving tricky at the moment, every small change I want to make seems to necessitate six more changes somehow until I don't know what I'm dealing with anymore - I am working on trying to tame the thing though :o). I was rejected for another job (which I was sort of prepared for but it made me feel a bit sad nonetheless) and was treated to the delightful news that the PhD proposal which I worked so hard on for so long earlier in the year was not even considered (nobody even looked at it!) because of an administrative error that wasn't even my fault - what a waste of time that was! I'm not that upset about not being able to do a PhD this year as I had my doubts anyway but what does bother me (and I know this sounds odd) is how many choices this leaves open to me - try and get funded again next year, walk away from academia forever, stay in my current job, look for a new job (but what?) - I just hate having to be decisive! I would describe my current state of mind as somewhat scattered and I think my knitting projects reflect that to a certain degree...

I was working away quite happily on Elfine's Socks - to the point where the first one was very nearly finished:

Elfine's sock

Elfine detail

(Incidentally the detailed shot of the lace is a pretty good representation of the actual colour of my Piece of Beauty Sweetgrass yarn). But as soon as all the serious making of life decisions wormed its way to the forefront of my mind (against my wishes!) I started making mistakes in the lace and having to rip back all the time - I don't want to ruin these socks so I put them aside and cast on for something a little simpler...

Spiral rib socks

Yes, socks again (of course) but this time a mere 4 row repeat for these Broad Spiral Rib Socks in Trekking XXL shade 100. I'm not really following a pattern; I think I've knit enough socks now that I ought to be able to cobble one together as I go along... so I decided to challenge myself to do just that. I allowed myself to be inspired by Adam Knits!, searched around the Internet for the stitch pattern and just cast on. I've got down to the heel once realised that the stitch count I'd chosen was wrong and ripped all the way back, what you see above is my second attempt with slightly more stitches and which will hopefully make for a better looking and more functional heel. I'll carry on with these for the time being until my brain is in a place where it can cope with something trickier again.

Never fear though, I plan on giving my brain a helping hand to reach that place - I decided I deserved a rest so me and the boyf have arranged to head off on holiday to Spain at the beginning of October - anything academia-related will be banned (thoughts included) so I think I'll be reserving a place in my luggage for the Elfine's Socks - they ought to be safe :)

Of course there are more immediate things that can be done to cheer yourself up in times of crisis and indecisiveness and, hence, cake:

Mmm, cake!

It certainly did the trick ;) - even if only temporarily... I predict more cake in my future!


Knit Nurse said...

Hmm, both pairs of socks look almost as edible as the cake! Good luck with deciding what to do on your next step of the career path - and don't forget, nothing is irreversible..

blog-blethers said...

ooh, Nicola ... how frustrating about all the work you did for your PhD proposal and I well understand 'scattered mind theory' and the need for therapeutic chocolate cake. Your socks are looking gorgeous too - what beautiful yarn you've chosen for Elfine and I have a wee thing going too for Trekking at the mo. OH is half way (sounds better than admitting to SSS!) to getting a pair done in Trekking.

I hope that you reach the decisions that serve you best ...

Kath said...

It always seems so hard trying to decide where to go on from finishing your education and I think in hindsight it's best not to worry about it too much as something will sort itself out in the end. That's no real comfort to you now and won't stop you worrying I'm sure. Anyway on to your lovely socks - I've had Elfine on the 'To Do' list for ages now and it's lovely seeing how beautifully yours are turning out and such a great colour as well! The Treking is pretty as well - can't wait to see how those turn out!