Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Back home again

In fact I've been back home again for a week, slowly reacclimatising to the chill here after sunny Spain - sigh!

Villa garden

In the Alhambra gardens

Generalife fountains

Lizard (gecko?)

Nearing evening

It was a lovely (as you can hopefully see from the pix) and much needed holiday.

Things here Nicola-wise are still much the same - no new job as yet, thesis still not done, the usual - I am still feeling relaxed enough post-hols though to just let everything wash over me, ahh! Things aren't 100% the same though - I have enjoyed a slight change in status...

I am now officially a Raveler ;) Yup that's right my invite arrived while I was away (and got eaten by the spam filter) and I am all set up. My profile isn't exactly thrilling at present as I haven't had time to add things but I have put on the details of the two WIPs I am working on most at the moment plus my most recent FO. If you want to find me I go by 'nicolamk'.

The second of my two WIPs is a new one. I mentioned before I think that I was thinking of working a variation of the Muir shawl from Knitty... In the end I figured that variations only mean extra work so I just cast on for the pattern as it stands. In fact I've cast on for it three times now - so the sum total of my holiday knitting has now been ripped out twice :) I've cast on again since being at home and, looky looky, we have progress:

Muir at rest

OK it doesn't look like much in the above state but straigtened out I am quite pleased with how it is coming together so far:

Muir progress

This still isn't even one repeat of the chart (I haven't made it that far yet in any of my attempts) but this is the furthest I've got with no mistakes and I am inordinately proud :) I think perhaps it is time for me to figure out how to use a lifeline though...

Anyway, there we go, it is even sort of good to be back from holiday - I've enjoyed a few evenings curled up on the sofa knitting since we got back and I'm sure there will be many more this autumn - let's hope this means there will soon be more progress on Muir to share.


Michaela said...

Welcome back! Your Muir looks gorgeous -- I love the colorway. I'm glad to hear that you're on Ravelry now, too. (You can find me on Ravelry as 'kaekiknits')

Knit Nurse said...

mmm! Was that Andalucia somewhere? Looks a bit warmer than the Tirol!

Melanie said...

I'm loving the shawl,and the yarn :)
Have a great day