Saturday, July 23, 2005

Just proving that I am what I say I am

I seem to have picked a very stupid time to start a blog, y'know about to move house and all that... which means that I don't have any access to my camera, most of my current knitting projects or anything else useful, my internet service could be cut off at any time as well - d'oh.

I thought at least I would prove that I do knit by adding a picture of my first ever sock when it was still a WIP - now finished - but turned out a little too big. Since I finished at uni and my term time job finished I have had about four weeks of spare time and filled much of it by teaching myself to knit socks, as well as that first pair I've finished one pair for my boyfriend and the first sock of another pair for myself. I'm also working on Branching Out from Knitty and just hoping it looks better when it is finished - the lace is certainly less than 'defined' at the moment.

And that is concrete proof that I am a knitter, if nothing else.

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