Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Well I made it as far as leaving the house I shared with my boyfriend but am currently staying with him and his friends in his new house. Hopefully tomorrow I will make it to my end destination where I will be staying with my family. In a lot of ways I don't really want to return home - most of those ways are friends. At least at home I can live rent free though and work my butt off in the hope that I can return to normal service with drastically reduced debts next year. Yay!

In all the madness of moving house I don't have much else to say really... Probably the most pertinent thing I could report is that over the weekend both my brother and my boyfriend's best friend have seen me knit and both were amazed that I could produce such 'intricate' (yes that's the actual word one used, which I hope means my Branching Out looks better than I thought) designs with just two glorified chopsticks and some string. It's always nice to meet with comments like this I think, I like not only the fact that this shows they are interested in what I'm doing but also the idea that knitting is a bit alchemical somehow and it makes me feel all skilled and stuff... which is nice.

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Emily said...

Hi there Nicola! Its nice to see you have successfully created your blog and have in fact joined the ranks of us uk knitters! I have many similar graduation photos, probably stood next to the very same tree!