Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I think this happens to everyone

Well I have made it home, which is a start. The whole experience has been a little depressing. It has been a bit of a pig trying to find any work which is an immediate concern because of my lack of funds, but have been saved by finding some well paid if rather sporadic work as a secretary with a firm of solicitors I worked for way back when. I am living with my grandmother, who I love very much and to whom I am eternally grateful for letting me stay with her for a nominal amount of rent, it is quite hardgoing sometimes though because, let's say she's not exactly my ideal housemate.

I also miss my boyfriend, Matt, quite a lot, a major factor in my slightly blue tinged mood I think. I think if the first few days of moving back here have told me anything it is that I might actually quite like to go back to where I was before (something which at the time I never thought I would say!). So the plan simmering away at the very back of my mind is to jog along here for the next few weeks, then do my internship in Germany as planned (2 months translation experience near Stuttgart - not bad I hope) and then maybe apply for some work in the Birmingham area after that and go running back to my man.

Of course all this could change quite dramatically ... I might be offered more work in Germany, and like it so much there I decide to take it, or I could find the job of my lifetime elsewhere in Britain or simply not be able to find anything in Birmingham. At least now I've recorded my ideas as they stand at the moment and I can gauge what happens next against my expectations now. I hope at some point it will make interesting reading as well!

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