Thursday, August 25, 2005

Why must things like this happen?

As you may or may not have read I am due to leave for Germany on 28th September to complete a two month internship in a translation company. This was something which I was really very very happy about translation being one of the areas that I would be interested in going into as a career. The reason I say that I was happy about this is because this morning I found an advert for the *perfect* job for me - requiring someone to start 'soon as possible' and with an application deadline of mid-September. I really want to apply but I feel sure that I would never get it because of already having committed to the time in Germany which would mean I would not be able to start very soon at all. Should I just apply anyway and see if I can get them to be sympathetic? If there is anyone more decisive than me out there who reads this, then perhaps they'd like to give me a little advice????!!!!

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ra said...

apply and if you get an interview explain at the end. It's only two months, some places expect that much notice when you leave so others may not be able to start any sooner. Don't pass up the chance of the perfect job or you'll kick yourself forever!