Sunday, September 04, 2005

Sleepy Sunday

After a very stressful week both at work and outside (because in line with ra's and other friends' comments I decided to apply for the dream job I posted about and writing CVs and job applications is one of the most stressful things I can think of...) I have been very lazy about posting I'm afraid. Couldn't even post last weekend because I was away camping in Newquay (also hardly relaxing!). My predictions about my One Skein Wonder were good though and I finished it just before I went off for the weekend. It's nice quick thing to knit and is so neat and tidy looking. The only thing is the sizing. Perhaps it's my bad measuring (very likely) but I think I'd knit the next size up from my measurements next time.

Anyway, here's a lovely(?) picture:
My finished One Skein Wonder

So that little diversion aside I am back on to Bad Penny. I know I decided this would be a quick, fun, brainless knit but I'm feeling a bit surly with it at the moment. I will try and knit as fast as I can on the body and get on to the ribbing to have a change of scenery!

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Tracy said...

Have you perfected the OSW wiggle to get it on and off yet? My hubby thinks it's hilarious. My bet is you know exactly what I mean!