Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Oh dear

Well I've proved a resounding success at this blogging lark haven't I? (Dripping sarcasm).

The eagle eyed of you (if anyone at all is still reading at this point) will note that really I should have been on my way to Germany by now - but I'm not. I've made a right royal muck up of all things connected with that particular plan - not something I am proud of. It now remains to be seen whether I end up going or not. Whatever would have happened I couldn't have left today anyway because I agreed to an interview for a job tomorrow in the UK. Maybe there I'll create something good for myself. I certainly hope so.

In more cheerful and more knitting related news:

I have a very nearly finished object. It's not Bad Penny though (shh!). I have but one seam left to sew on Boogie. This was knitted (and very quickly thanks to fatter yarn than I usually use) in response to being freezing cold at work and wanting something to wear over shirts that wouldn't induce annoying sleeve bunching. Hopefully I will have a proper finished object picture for you very very soon...

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Anne said...

Hope the interview went well - do let us all know.