Saturday, October 01, 2005

See... I do keep promises sometimes

I am now pleased to present my lovely new Boogie vest/tank top thingy in all its glory. I really like it actually, was worried about the possibility of it making me look a bit bulky but I think it's really OK. Just need to do something about the armholes the edges of which do seem to keep wanting to roll in on themselves. Anyway, picture 1:

Boogie Vest

And a detail of my very first cabled anything:

Boogie Vest detail

Finishing this has reinvigorated my enthusiasm for knitting a fair bit. Not sure where I'm going to be going from here though. I was thinking of staying in the same general area and perhaps going for a sleeveless cardi for wearing over shirts too, perhaps similar to Cutaway from ChicKnits, minus sleeves obviously. Is that a good idea or a bad one?

News in Brief

My interview did not go badly. I'm not all that sure though if it went well. I really hope it did. Being at the company reinforced my desire for that job. Hopefully I should here early next week, keep your fingers crossed for me.

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