Monday, October 03, 2005


Remember how I said that I wasn't sure what I'd be knitting next? Well... the sleeveless Cutaway project might well be put on hold... if and when a pattern for this beautiful object appears I will be knitting it straight away. I love it!!! In fact look at all these gorgeous FOs. I could knit them all and be very, very happy. The gorgeous bulky green cabled cardigan would definitely be top of the list though.

Also enthusing me over the weekend were The Arcade Fire. I bought their brilliant album Funeral over the weekend on the strength of hearing the track Rebellion (Lies) on XFM. I love this album, without a doubt the best album I have bought in a long time, in my humble opinion there is not a bad track on it.

Wow, I do seem to be rather too cheerful for a Monday morning don't I? Amazing what knitting plans and retail therapy will do for a girl!

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