Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Double yay!

I can only be brief about this - sorry! (Or maybe that's an advantage...) There are two things to be yay about:

1. I started knitting on this in a cool purple colour. Told you I was enthused by this pattern - still love it despite being so enthusiastic that I think there may be a few (solvable) glitches in my very early version of the pattern. Never mind it hasn't stopped me getting to the end of the yoke already!

2. (Maybe more importantly (than knitting?! - surely not!)) I GOT A JOB!! The good kind of job as well, the kind which I think will be the first step on the ladder for me in terms of having a career where I will really get to use my German in the way that I had always hoped I would be able to. Rather excitingly (and scarily) I start on Thursday - I can't wait.

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