Monday, November 07, 2005

Sweater dilemma

I don't know what to make of my knitting at the moment. I finished my cabled sweater today but I can only come to the conclusion that I made a bad choice of pattern. It really doesn't suit me at all. So I'm afraid that you wont be seeing any finished object photos at the moment - if ever. Sorry. The next question then is what the hell to do with the thing? It probably won't stay being the cabled sweater for much longer. Any suggestions as to what I can make out of my chunky purple wool would be very welcome! I'm trying not to let this dishearten me though. My penultimate FO was a Hot Head hat from Stitch n Bitch for my boyfriend which he loves - he's worn it a lot including to the firework display we went to on Saturday. I've got several project ideas lined up too, one being a jacket for a special someone for Christmas. Plenty of smaller projects I want to try too. What I would really like to be able to do though is knit something substantial, i.e. a sweater for myself that I have an outside chance of actually wearing!

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