Sunday, January 15, 2006

Something I don't do very often

That is ... knit in public. The only reason I don't do it very often is because I never have room in my overstuffed handbag to carry around even the smallest project.

Yesterday though since I knew that I would be hanging around waiting for my boyfriend, who had been visiting his dad in hospital, I decided to take the glove I am making at the moment along to keep me amused. It did keep me amply amused and instead of just getting interested looks from people I got a couple of comments too.

A couple of ladies of a certain age were absolutely delighted to see someone knitting on dpns and said how it "took them right back" and wanted to know if I was making gloves or socks and what kind of needles I was using etc (ooh and complimented me on the tension of my stitches - which was nice!). Their quite a bit younger companion's only question though was whether or not I was having a baby!? Intriguing really that knitting is immediately expected to be something that expectant mothers do and not really anyone else.

I wasn't offended though, it certainly made me laugh and if nothing else I suppose the remark could be attributed to the fact that I was after all hanging around a hospital! Tee hee.

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acrylik said...

It's amazing how doing something creative in public like this can break down the barriers and get people chatting. Here's to more knitting in public!