Friday, December 30, 2005

Interim knitting

I am renowned for my indecisiveness... so whilst deciding what to actually knit next I made a replacement hat (the original one got lost somewhere in the Dali exhibition at County Hall) for my boyfriend. Just a straight up Hot Head Hat from Stitch n Bitch but in plain black to suit his colour preferences.

I think I have decided what I would like to knit next. I need gloves/mittens and I am very taken with the Broad Street mittens from Knitty but I want them to go vaguely with my scarf and hat (neither of which were homemade I am afraid), so since I have a pair of bought wristwarmers which already match said items I think I might try and unravel them and knit them back into a new and less drafty pair of mittens.

Will this end in disaster? You will be the first to know!

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