Sunday, February 12, 2006

Calm now

No, as far as I am aware at the moment the yarn for the Olympics has still not turned up. I had wanted it to be there by Wednesday really as I had to come up to Birmingham straight after to work on Thursday and in order to find it's way into my luggage the yarn definitely needed to be there on Wednesday evening. I'm off home this afternoon anyway, so who knows maybe it will all be there when I get back and I can start off just a bit late.

On the other hand maybe I won't... The reason for the trip to Birmingham is that I have decided to apply to go back to university and do a masters (with a large research component). This means that I have not very long at all (about 10 days) to prepare my research proposal to be submitted to my referees before being sent off to the funding body to pick to pieces and then decide not to stump up the cash anyway.

But if you don't try you don't get - so now rather than knitting my next few evenings will probably be handily consumed by reading around my proposed topic. I have sections of 4 books to read as well as several articles taken from journals and anthologies. All of which adds up to a substantial amount of stress especially if I want to have a first draft done by next weekend (which I do).

So yet more challenge to plough ahead with. More luck needed!

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