Monday, March 06, 2006


Well it seems I've been away for a while.

Things have definitely conspired to keep me away from the blog. Not least the fact that my very ancient but well loved IBM Thinkpad finally died and I had to get hold of a new computer. I am only thankful that it did not come to this while I was still a student - I would have been computerless for months and certainly wasted a lot of my time queuing for use of communal computers. As it is I am now the proud owner of a new Dell laptop, albeit the bottom but one model.

It was delivered very quickly but no sooner did it arrive than I was off to Germany for an extra long weekend visiting the Eastern city of Leipzig where I spent my year abroad from university. (A few more details and maybe a couple of photos soon).

My old laptop did however eat the draft of my masters research proposal so I spent every evening going to my parents house to use their computer and get it redrafted. I managed it though and by the 2nd of March the application for a university place and the funding application were winging their way to the university.

The incessant proposal writing plus the accompanying travel required to get computer access mean that I have done virtually no knitting in the last few weeks, I plan to make up for that soon. My plans for the Knitting Olympics fell sadly by the wayside though, the yarn has still not turned up at any rate and not having received replies to any of my calls or emails to find out where it is I think it might be time to have recourse to my credit card company to get the money back.

Oh well, all this stuff is sent to try us. I may have reached the end of February with no finished objects to show for it but at least these minor setbacks have not dampened my spirits too much!

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