Sunday, May 21, 2006

Keep going

I've been having a stressful time at work and doing a lot of overtime to try and help pay back more of my debts before I go back to university and make some more debts. There hasn't been all that much time for knitting and I haven't got round to getting a new needle so I can carry on with the Jaywalkers yet.

In the end though I realised that it is ridiculous to give up knitting in times of stress when knitting is one of the few things that truly relaxes me. So I've embarked on a little stash-busting project - the Mosaic Bag from Spun Magazine. It's not taxing at all but using two balls of yarn at once keeps me on my toes just enough so that it's not boring. It's satisfying to know that even moments of relaxation can be productive. Here's a photo of my initial progress:

Early Mosaic Bag progress

I'm only knitting little bits now and then, but this is such a dinky project it shouldn't take me all that long to complete.

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