Monday, May 08, 2006


After the annoying incident with the needle snapping I was feeling a bit peeved. I haven't really knitted much on my Jaywalker's since then. I tried a couple of rounds but it's all just so much more logical over a total of five needles than four, needless to say I managed to make a fair few mistakes and now I really need to go back and sort everything out, but I think I'll try and get hold of some new needles first.

The magical world of knitting does not completely disappoint me though. I thought my Winter issue of Interweave Knits had been lost for ever in the dark underbelly of the Royal Mail but guess what turned up today! Obviously all the patterns are little unseasonable at the moment but it was still a lovely cheering surprise :o)

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ra said...

innit funny, there are quite a few places hidden away round here where it's possible to buy some quite nice yarn, but getting hold of decent needles (particularly packs of five DPNs is practically impossible!)