Monday, May 01, 2006

Sometimes I don't know my own strength

Well, well it's catch up time again. My weekend in Spain was a lovely break for me. I got to do nice things like sit in this square:

Murcia cathedral square

and eat yumminess like this:

Churros and chocolate


My recent knitting project has been the Grumperina Jaywalker socks. I've not had a lot of time for knitting recently so progress is slow, but there is progress, as you will see here:

Broken needle

In this picture you can also see that I am obviously some kind of very violent knitter because as I innocently knitted my first round of the evening on the sock yesterday I managed to snap one of my new Brittany birch needles. Damn. I really liked these needles, I hope the remaining four will stand up to whatever it is I did to that first one!

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Emma said...

Terrible about the broken needles, but the sock look pretty so far. I love the color. The weekend in Spain sounds fabulous too!