Monday, April 17, 2006

Not enjoying the prospect of tomorrow

Yuck, it's horrible to go back to work after a lovely long weekend like the one we've just enjoyed. There should be one at least once a month to make up for the trauma.

It was a great weekend though, full of good fun, good friends and good food. The boyfriend had a great birthday, the socks got finished (on the morning of his birthday itself) although I have no photographic evidence due to the batteries going flat on my camera.

So what to knit next? I suspect more socks alongside half hearted attempts on the Union Square Market sweater (it's quite clearly not going to be finished in time to wear this year so why rush?) I think I'll have to start something else as well that I can wear sometime within the next few months. A Convertible from the new Knitty is high on the list at the moment. Otherwise maybe a Debbie Bliss Fiery Bolero (about half way down this page) from Interweave last summer. Hell maybe even all of these, who knows?

That said there'll not be that much time for knitting this week as I'm far too excited about going to visit my friend in Spain next weekend. Yes, that's right my busy April continues apace, I've even been promised a beach visit, swimming cossie required - who'd have thought such things were possible in April? I'm soooo excited!

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