Friday, March 31, 2006

March hare (just in time!)

As promised a quick survey of my current knitting progress:

Sadly of the projects that I have previously mentioned the only one that is still in existence is the Union Square Market Sweater. It's going well, although obviously it won't be finished in time to be worn this season - nevermind. I'd just better try not to put too much weight on over the summer!

I am also working on these:

Half a birthday sock

Just plain old top-down socks made from some of the German sock yarn as a present for my boyfriend's birthday - it's on 15th April so I should get them finished on time.

Best of all though I do, as I promised have an FO, can you spot him?

Just good friends

Yes that's right... it a Jess Hutch Bunny, it's a little project I was working on to break up the big swathes of stocking stitch on the Union Square Market Sweater. I'm quite pleased with the way his face has turned out after a few attempts at getting it right. If I knitted him again (and I may well) I would sort out my wonky attempts at attaching his limbs and maybe give him longer legs... but don't you think he's cute?

March hare

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