Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Brighton Rocks!

Without a shadow of a doubt. I had a fantastic weekend at the seaside, a good mixture of seasidey fun and good eating and drinking possibilities. Top marks. A little photographic impression:

Poor West Pier

Bucket, no spade

My time continues to seem very full of things other than knitting at the moment. This weekend is yet another write off but I think that celebrating my birthday is excuse enough for that. Then towards the end of next week I'll be off on holiday for a week. That means there should be more time for knitting whilst lounging by the pool. All I have to do is decide what I want to be knitting while I'm on holiday... decisions, decisions. At least the fact that it has to be very portable and preferably cotton will help narrow down my options. I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime I've finished the main piece of the Mosaic Bag - a sixteen by six inch rectangle which has taken me for ever! I have decided to dispense with the knitted in button hole because it would have meant my favourite colour section of the Noro I'm using facing the back of the bag. Instead I'll make a button loop to showcase my favourite section of the colours. Next up the strap - surely this can't take too long...

Can it?

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