Sunday, July 02, 2006

Holiday preparations

I finished off a birthday weekend which was busy but very fun by making an important preparation for my holiday. I have finally decided what knitting project it is that I will take with me and now I have even bought the yarn.

Socks seem to be the obvious choice for a small but interesting project and to spice things up a bit more I have picked a lace pattern. Hedera from Knitty seems to be an ideal choice because the lace will make the project more challenging but the absence of a chart will mean it doesn't become too cumbersome for poolside knitting. Lovely! I am for once using the recommended yarn - Rowan 4-ply Soft in a bright, bright bubblegummy pink colour. What I really wanted was a really citrusy green but I couldn't find anything that fitted the bill and since this was my last opportunity to buy yarn I settled for my old favourite pink.

I've been suffering from a severe inability to get anything finished - skipping between projects and spending a lot of time doing things other than knitting (shock! horror!) Hopefully the minimal distractions offered by a lazy holiday will mean I get a substantial amount of this project finished in one go.

I had some lovely news (on my birthday as well to make it extra good) that might also mean I have a bit more time for knitting in future... I am being awarded a scholarship which will pay three quarters of the fees for the Masters course that I want to start in October! Yay. Even better, the fact that I have been awarded this scholarship means that I might be more likely to get awarded one which is still more generous, I'll just have to wait a while - maybe up to the end of August - to find out what happens, ho hum.

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