Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Who'd have thought it?

Well, somehow it seems, that despite everything, I've now been blogging here for slightly more than year. I'm not sure I thought myself that that would happen.

In celebration (completely unintentional) I am posting details of my latest FO...

The Hedera socks are finished!

Here is a small pictorial review of the items themselves:

Hedera socks

Hedera Socks modelled by a shrub

Hedera socks modelled for you
(don't mind my pasty legs!)

Hedera stitch pattern detail

I like these socks and they were fun to knit and not at all cumbersome because I found that I could quite easily memorise the lace pattern.

The only unfortunate thing (not really though because I will probably knit myself another pair) is that these socks are not destined to adorn my feet but are going to be a present for my gran, since she admired them whilst they were still baby little WIPs.

Now, onwards and upwards I guess!

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