Monday, August 28, 2006

Do I still have a blog?

Well yes I do. And finally it seems I have some time to type a little update.

Everything all went a bit pear shaped there for a while. Despite my previous overconfidence (as evidenced here) I didn't manage to secure any additional funding for the Master's course. I was, of course, rather disheartened and much flapping around trying to sort out a viable Plan B has ensued. But I do think I've just about done it now.

By moving up to Birmingham and carrying on with my glittering proofreading career on a part-time, work-from-home basis I will still be able to study full-time on the course I've chosen and pay my way in terms of rent and maintenance. All this and as an added bonus I get to move back in with the boyfriend. It's good on so many fronts!

The downsides are not numerous, but they are daunting, the minimum 60 hour working week being the main example.

I've only got to hope that despite working so much I will be able to fit in a bit of knitting and relaxing. Otherwise how will I ever manage to get any more projects finished including that pesky Mosaic Bag and the Saturday Market Bag which I seem to have been working on for ages now?

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blog-blethers said...

Hope everything works out ok with your Masters. I well know the joys of full-time work, Masters (in HealthCare Management), juggling house and kids AND trying to squeeze in some sanity saving knitting! Hooray for socks! It can be done (just squeezing in the sleep can be a bit of a problem!)