Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Stress relief kit

I decided to take myself up on my promise of knitting as stress relief. I treated myself to some new reading material for when I need a change from knitting as well:

Stress relief kit

The beginnings of that sock are part of RPM from Knitty. Those of you with eagle eyes and elephant memories might notice that the yarn I'm using is the one which was going to be a pair of Jaywalkers until I snapped one the needles I was using. I decided to use this yarn for the new project because I like the colour a lot and buy some new yarn for the Jaywalkers which I still intend to knit at some point. I think I'll invest in some new, hopefully stripier, yarn for the Jaywalkers - that ought to show up the Jaywalker pattern better.

Now the worst of my stressful decisions are over it seems I regained my knitting enthusiasm quick enough. Good, good.

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