Friday, October 20, 2006

Reasons to be cheerful...1,2,3

It seems there might eventually be the prospect of a flat on the horizon ... we are going to meet up with our potential new landlady for a drink and discussion about the terms of letting agreements on Monday - fun, fun, fun!

2 & 3.
New yarn and needles - yay!
Regia goodness

I decided to cheer myself up by getting myself a big load of socks-to-be from Web of Wool. We've got lovely natural coloured Regia Silk, Regia Bamboo in a colour called (I believe) 'Jamaica' and Regia Canadian Color in 'Ontario'.

When you add in the new Brittany dpns you get the ingredients for three new pairs of socks. I'm hoping for a replacement pair of Jaywalkers, a pair of the very beautiful Snowflake socks from Magknits and a pair of Pomatomus from Knitty. I don't there need be any prizes for guessing which yarn will become which pair of socks.

As always it's never as simple as it sounds. For a start I've got to finish off the RPM socks first, the first sock was really fast though and I've only got two thirds of the second to finish off. I just hope none of those other distractions in my life (like the minor matters of working and studying) get in the way too much. I hope new impetus will mean I get the RPMs out of the way quicker though.

Nothing like a bit of unrealistic optimism, eh?

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