Sunday, January 28, 2007

Keeping Promises

A promise kept indeed, and one made only yesterday...

I have an FO.

Kureyon Kozy

This is one of the results of me thinking that I needed some easy, mindless knitting to do while I wasn't feeling so well. It was already finished yesterday, actually Thursday I think, but I had to wait until I had my teapot back (don't ask) before I could take a picture.

This is the Kureyon Kozy pattern from Knitty, except (perhaps rather foolishly - I don't know) I used Silk Garden instead of Kureyon because I already had some Silk Garden which I had been planning to use to make a hat, but then changed my mind because I didn't like how it felt against my skin.

My level of concentration was obviously seriously depleted whilst I wasn't well because even though the pattern is very straightforward I still managed to make several mistakes - not repeating rows in the correct sequence and not doing the right quantity of repeats of things. I also couldn't be bothered to try and match up the stripes on each side of the cosy. I don't think any of that really matters though, the end result is a functional tea cosy which is pretty and colourful and I got my go at mindless knitting and that was all that I was aiming for.

So there you go: I can still knit and with any luck there should be more to come soon.


Knit Nurse said...

Cute! I've got a thing about tea cosies. Must be the northern roots showing through.

Iris said...

How very cute!

Thank you for commenting on my blog! :-)


Cassi said...

Your tea cozy is adorable! I love the colors you chose :)