Saturday, February 24, 2007

Single mindedness

Even if I haven't managed to be single minded recently about all the work I am supposed to be accomplishing for my course, I have at least been single minded about my knitting. I have been working on Thermal at an alarming rate, which in itself may account for why I haven't been getting much studying done - oops! Here are some quite appalling progress pictures of thermal. As you can tell (hopefully, given the terrible flash lit photos) I am getting quite close to having finished the body - yay!

Thermal progress

Thermal placket-to-be

My goal for the end of next week is to be at least past the ribbing on the first sleeve. Watch this space.

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blog-blethers said...

Love your Thermal and can completely understand why you'd rather be doing that than being knee deep in Uni assignments:) Great looking socks too! Haven't done Hedera's yet but definately on my to-do list ... have made 2 pairs of Jaywalkers for my eldest. What course is getting in the way of the important things in life?? Mine's a MSc in Healthcare Management (does nothing for the knitting but sure cures the insomnia!)