Monday, March 05, 2007

Spring is springing

Well, how about a little debrief on my goals from my last post?

I think I can classify them as well and truly not reached. Ho hum. A severe amount of stress surrounding the tortuous task of composing a proposal for funding for a PhD that I don't even know if I want to do yet has rather got in the way of knitting. So, Thermal now has half its back neckline finished with no further progress on the front of the body and definitely no sign of a nascent sleeve. After the end of this week things ought to improve somewhat though.

Knitting hasn't been cast aside completely though, with the prospect of Mothering Sunday coming up and a good friend's birthday coming up at the beginning of April I wanted some cute, quick gift knitting (it's OK - neither potential recipient reads my blog as far as I am aware). So yesterday evening I cast on for a Heart Sachet from Interweave. This project was attractive to me on many levels: it can make use of sock yarn that I already have in my possession, so it works out cheaply, it is small and hence quick to knit, it is very pretty so ought to be well received by mum/friend and for a while I had been wanting to try some modular knitting. I have had my eye on this Mitred Square Felted Bag but really wanted to use the Kureyon called for and didn't quite have the funds. I will still make the bag one day, but I think I can consider the sachets a useful part of the learning process for that project :)

Heart sachet in progress

That is all the progress I made yesterday evening on the sachet, not bad at all :) I think I have completed 8 squares out of 14 and am working on the ninth. Picking up all the stitches has been a little tricksy, but I like the project; it keeps you entertained.

Lastly to prove that I am beginning to feel like spring is springing here is a gratuitous shot of my vase of daffodils - I used Saint David's Day as an excuse to buy these, aren't they absolutely worth £1.50 though?


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