Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Farewell lovely weekend

Easter weekend was so nice! How fortuitous that the weather decided to be so lovely.

There was much walking - on Friday to the country park at Woodgate, and on Sunday to the Lickey Hills, see:

View over Birmingham

In addition there was chocolate and ice cream (the first 99 of the season was enjoyed at the top of Beacon Hill whilst surveying the scene you see pictured above), delicious grilled salmon with hollandaise, the boy's bestest roast potatoes, courgettes and french beans for Easter Sunday lunch, seeing friends (inclusive of silly dancing in Reflex) and a blessed break from work.

There was also a fair amount of knitting on Thermal... I am just about to start the sleeve cap of sleeve number 1 - I seem to have been working on that bloomin' sleeve for ages. I do plan to persevere and get Thermal finished now, even though I don't suppose I'll get to wear it until autumn. Even though I still have (bound-to-be-interminable) sleeve number 2 + seaming + the neckband + correcting my messed up ribbing to get through my mind is turning to what I might knit next.

I have two projects in particular in mind, but am unsure about them - what does anyone think who might read this...?

I am thinking of Knitty's Convertible in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Camouflage - but will that merely resemble what the name suggests - a piece of camouflage netting? I'm also keen on the idea of Knitty's Eyelet but what do we think about knitted skirts people? Are they doomed to be unflattering or can they be OK?

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Knit Nurse said...

I think the knitted skirt will look great, but only if you have a figure like the model. As for the 'shrug' - I really can't imagine how that would look good...I think it's the buttons that do it...!