Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Forward planning

It's all been quiet on the knitting front recently. I've been working on an essay and was also away visiting family at the weekend so I haven't had much time to get anything done in that respect.

It's always easy to fit in a little bit of musing about future projects though. As I mentioned before I'm looking for some new springy/summery projects but wasn't sure what to do. Given careful thought I think the idea of a knitted skirt will fall by the wayside - the risk that it will just look rubbish is too great!

My next knitted project (most probably worked alongside Thermal) is likely to be a little shrug I think. I like this very simple pattern from Knit On The Net. I've seen some good deals on Rowan's Little Big Wool recently as well although I might have a look around for other yarns as the colours for Little Big Wool don't grab me all that much, although "Amythest" and "Topaz" aren't bad. I'm hoping to buy yarn for this project once the next pay cheque rolls in.

I have other plans up my sleeve as well, I was inspired by something I saw at Tres Chic Veronique - the lovely Amy Butler Frenchy bag pattern. A cotton bag like this seems pretty summery to me and I've been looking for a shoulder bag which is big enough to carry a few of my uni books and papers around in - sounds good so far. Even better though it will give me a chance to play with a toy of mine that has thus far been sadly neglected:

Baby sewing machine

My mum and dad bought me this little (mug shown for scale) sewing machine for Christmas and I have yet to use it for any real project. (I did have plans to finally hem my bedroom curtains so they are the right length but seeing as our landlady has just decided to give us notice to quit on our flat it doesn't really seem worth bothering) So, I hope to make a bag using my (still) new sewing machine and new pattern:

Amy Butler bag patterns

Hmm, yes there does seem to be two patterns in that picture, I found the Frenchy bag pattern on ebay from the lovely ebay shop Monkey Foot Boutique, the proprietress was kind enough to point out she could post up to 3 patterns for the same postal fees as one so I thought it would be silly not to take advantage of that opportunity to a certain extent and snapped up a Swing bag pattern too. The first big task for this project will be to choose fabric, that will probably entail a visit to the markets in Birmingham at a later date (pay cheque dependent again).

Well, that's turned into a rather rambling post about not very much at all, I'm sure it's high time I quietened down! Looking forward to starting out on my new projects :)

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Knit Nurse said...

A woman wearing a gorgeous knitted skirt went past me when I was waiting for the train yesterday - I then spent the whole of the journey home trying to work out in my head how it could be knitted up by hand. And then I remembered my (probably totally rational) fear that if I had a knitted skirt, after half an hour of sitting at the desk, it would stretch out round my backside so thoroughly that when I next stood up I would look like I was wearing a bustle. Not the sort of look I need. *sigh*