Thursday, April 26, 2007


What could this:

Present for you

be? Did you guess? That's right I made a poor attempt at waiting for my pay cheque before I bought fabric:

Heart to Heart

As I think you can make out from the picture this is Alexander Henry "Heart to Heart" fabric. I started researching my options for bag fabrics on ebay on Tuesday and saw this for sale (with this seller) and then got carried away and thought that buying a metre now wouldn't be too bad - so I went ahead and bought it :) Today it turned up in the post - how's that for speed? I must say I'm very impressed and I like the fabric a lot. It is destined to become the accent top panel on the Frenchy bag and I will also make one side of the reversible Swing bag using this fabric as well. The main fabric for Frenchy and the fabric for the other side of the Swing bag will be plain cottons I think and I will shop for those in the market in Birmingham.

The boyfriend is away at the weekend and I will be at a loose end... hmm, maybe I could fit in a trip to the City Centre....

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Knit Nurse said...

Scrumptious fabric!