Thursday, May 24, 2007

Be prepared

In the planning stages

I hope the photo above is evidence enough that I am attempting to be prepared. I've been giving more thought to my summer holiday knitting and to my Sockapalooza plans.

The summer holiday knitting is now more than likely to be Argosy from Knitty. But I want to make it wider as I saw has been done by others, for example here. So that's what the scrawl up there on my writing slope is - I have copied out the chart to take account of the fact that I want my version of Argosy to be about twice as wide as the original, I expect for many people copying out the chart would be somewhat superfluous and they could work out the additional repeats in their head - but I'm not sure I quite trust myself... I think it will have to be a Noro type yarn that I use - Shikisai seems lovely and I like shades 4 & 6 or maybe Silk Garden Lite as is used in one of the models in Knitty. I will see what I can get a deal on :)

As for my Sockapalooza socks I think I've decided on a yarn. I thought of Colinette Jitterbug almost straight away because of the British roots of the company and with my pal being from the States I thought it would be nice to use materials from closer to home, the existence of the Raspberry colourway is the deciding factor here as I think it will perfectly match my pal's colour preferences. I'm still not sure about a pattern - at the moment I'm quite liking Hello Yarn's Cable Twist socks especially since I saw this finished pair... What does anyone out there think?

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