Friday, May 18, 2007

Hey hey it's the monkeys

(Yeah, I know, the title of the post is hardly original - I know at least that Cara at January One has used the same gag and I'm willing to bet shes not alone either - it's just too tempting a thing to want to write when your sock pattern is called Monkey...)

Anyway, without further ado:

Monkey socks

Monkey socks side view
Monkey socks + shoes Monkey socks + shoes

Monkey socks from Knitty by Cookie A. Regia Bamboo Colour in 'Jamaica'. 2.5mm bamboo needles (for consistency's sake of course... or maybe just because I have bamboo needles in the right size).

I like this pattern a lot, as I've said before. The socks could stay up a little better but I think this is more likely to be a result of the yarn than the pattern. I think I might very well have to make another pair of these in a Regia wool or something similar - I think the pattern would show up a lot better then as well.


Knit Nurse said...

ok, you win! And you pinched the headline I was planning too! shame on you!!! (and a grudging 'congrats'!)

Knit Nurse said...

In my huff last night I neglected to mention that they ARE awesome! Well done :-)