Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy 2008 indeed! January certainly came round sooner than expected for me. Since my last post I have been lazeeeee! But I make no apologies... I think a bit of lazy was just what I needed. It is only this week that I really feel up to getting up to full speed again on projects other than my 'day job'. I plan to attack my thesis and my knitting projects with renewed gusto :o)

I received a few crafty-ish gifts this Christmas and their presence has been inspiring and got the cogs of my brain turning and thinking about potential projects for the coming year - no really concrete plans though as yet - I shall see where the mood takes me.

Gift number 1 was from a good friend of mine - it was this book:

New Knitting Book

It's not a book I had heard of before but I am taken with a few projects and the idea of combining knits with graphics is an appealing one, as colour work is something I would like to branch out into soon. I rather like the scarf project featured on the front cover - it is knitted from Kidsilk Haze which I understand to be rather good - but which I have never used myself. Another project I like the idea of is this one:

A new pattern for the queue?

Not sure how this cardi would look on me though... I shall give it some consideration though, that is for sure. I suppose if I am feeling nice it could even be made as a gift for someone, we shall see.

I also received this book:

New sewing book

I've been wanting this one for a while - I would like to be able to begin using the sewing machine I received last Christmas for projects more involved than turning up trousers! If all goes well I can get me thesis out of the way sooner rather than later and have time enough to begin sewing on a regular basis as well as knitting. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! (But not holding my breath - that could prove dangerous!)

The last 'crafty' gift is these earrings:

'Yarn ball' earrings

The fella got these for me from the German Christmas Market in Birmingham after having been on the receiving end of some fairly hefty hints ;o)

I think they look a little bit yarny (although this photo doesn't really show them to their best advantage) and they remind a little bit of these earrings which got me into a covetous mood when I first saw them on And She Knits Too.

So, there you go, my Christmas haul.

At the moment I am still working on Rayne - it has grown rather large - the body is nearly finished and then I just have the sleeves to work, which I think should go quickly. I may have failed to meet my previous self-imposed deadline but the enthusiasm is there again (helped along by my recent purchase of a skirt that I think will look very good with this wrap/sweater) and there should be results soon.


Knit Nurse said...

Those earrings are sooo lovely! *jealous*

blog-blethers said...

I just love those ear rings - really pretty! Great books too and love the butterfly cardi too.

Really pleased you had some relaxation time too over the holidays - you deserve it:)

Kath said...

Love the earrings - very yarny! Looking forward to seeing how Rayne turns out with the DK weight as I too have a small supply of that shade of Marble which as you said is actually nice and soft for an acrylic yarn and it does wash really well! Happy New Year to you too!