Sunday, March 09, 2008


Or maybe not long awaited - you tell me! It has been more than a month since my last post. WTF?! There are two items on the agenda for today's post and I shall start with the most important:

THANK YOU! To Knit-Nurse and to Kath of Krafty Kreations fame for honouring, yes honouring, me with the You Make My Day Award (have a look at Knit Nurse's post here for a bit of background). Far more than I deserve I am sure especially since I have been so useless on the blogging/knitting fronts recently. You certainly both made my day by thinking of me in this way. Now I have to think of my 10 people to pay it forward to.... Hmmm, an update on that will appear soon I hope - when I've got over my indecisiveness!

The second item on the agenda is the really long-awaited bit: FO pictures of Rayne. Without further ado here they are:

Rayne Wrap Cardigan

Rayne Wrap Cardigan

So now you can see that I really have finished this project! However, I don't think it is going to stay in its finished state like this for very long - the fronts are just too big in my opinion they add a lot of bulk and get in the way (although I am very intolerant of irritating clothing - other more mellow types may not find it a problem at all) so I am going to try shortening them a bit - so the project will have to be finished a second time - d'oh!

There are lot of knitting projects that need finishing off properly around here at the moment - in addition to Rayne Mark 2 there is Muir, my Elfine's socks, the mitts and hat to go with my Multidirectional Scarf and the My So-called Scarf that I started. My goal is to have all of these things sorted out fairly soon - maybe by mid-April, thus clearing the way for a potential project that I have fallen head-over-heels in love with - details to follow on that front!

To finish off the post I'll leave you with some pictures of my recent visit to the Henry Moore at Kew exhibit - I'm so glad that, despite being so busy recently, I made it there before the exhibit closes (at the end of March) as it was really a lovely day out and we were very lucky with the weather (on 1st March).

Henry Moore at Kew

Daffodils at Kew

Henry Moore at Kew

So, I shall return soon - at least, hopefully sooner than in a month's time this time! Bye for now, Nicola


Knit Nurse said...

ooh, Rayne looks really impressive! I love the yarn, it's got such great earthy tones. Too bad you're not happy with the shape, but there's no point in having an FO you're not going to wear...!

Karen said...

Hello, I got here through the uk knitters blog ring and just wanted to say I like your wrap cardigan. Lovely colours. I haven't seen this pattern before so I'm off to look it up.

blog-blethers said...

What beautiful muted colours! Rayne looks just stunning and hope you agree when you've finished tweaking the fronts to your satisfaction (I must be one of those mellowed ones as I think it looks fab as-is)