Thursday, October 09, 2008

'Summer' travels

It's been a long time again hasn't it? Tut, tut! I have been busy trying to make the most of what summer there was here this year...

Turned out there wasn't much summer to be had though :o( I did brave two weekends away camping though - both of which were affected by heavy, heavy rain at various points.

The first was to North Wales - we took the train from Birmingham up to Porthmadog and stayed for a long weekend there - even tried to climb Snowdon but didn't quite make it - we got to about 913m but would have missed the bus back to Porthmadog if we'd carried on to the summit so we had to turn back (having to rely on public transport can cause the strangest of problems!)

Wales camping trip mosaic

The second trip was to Edale - travelled there by train again for some easier walking. I still managed to sprain my ankle on the top of Kinder Scout which fortunately didn't spoil the weekend but put me out of action and in a very bad mood for a couple weeks once I got back home - largely recovered now though :o)

Peak District mosaic

Eventually though it seemed that the only place we were going to be able to experience some real warm summer weather was on our trip to Spain in September - and we weren't disappointed:

Spain 2008 Mosaic

Evidently a week of rest and warmth and blue sky did me the world of good, as I finally started knitting again while I was away, look - here's the proof:

Since I've been back I've been keeping it bubbling away with the knitting and in my next post I'll show you what I've been working on - although anyone who wants a sneak preview will be able to get one courtesy of my Ravelry page.

See you soon!


Kath said...

Wow - when were you in Porthmadog? Mum lives not far from there and I was up there quite often this summer - I could have walked right by you! Did you find the wool shop?
Love the photo mossaics - don't they make everything look good?! Good to see you back and knitting!

blog-blethers said...

You certainly made the best of our dismal summer!

Looking forward to seeing pics of what you've been working on ... and am off to sneak a peek on Ravelry:o)

Knit Nurse said...

coo, Porthmadog and Edale - two lovely parts of the UK! I have to say that two weeks out of action with a sprained ankle would be my idea of heaven - a fortnight of knitting time and no need to make excuses! ;-)