Friday, November 07, 2008

It's that time of year again

I went out last night to the annual fireworks display at the university. I don't know if I am becoming more pernickety with my advancing years but I didn't think the display was as good as it has been in previous years (probably not helped by it having to be temporarily stopped because of people wandering into the firing line). I still managed to snap a couple of acceptable pictures though:


Vale fireworks 2008

Vale fireworks 2008

I had go on one of fairground rides too - something I don't normally do - the experience of going on this ride:

Freak out!

has left me with rather a stiff shoulder today as well - ouch! (Possibly another sign that I am becoming old and decrepit - *sigh*)

Probably the best bits about the evening were the edible ones - a friend of mine made some delicious treacle bonfire toffee for our little group to share, yum. I contributed some seasonal(ish) cookies:

Chocolate Parkin Biscuits

They don't look much but they tasted delicious. They are lovely Chocolate Parkin Biscuits, with delicious tangy chunks of stem ginger. The recipe is a recent one from Dan Lepard in the Guardian Weekend magazine. You can find it here - definitely worth a try!

I'm down to the last three rows of the Adamas Shawl now as well - exciting times! It should be off the needles and beginning to block over the weekend. I can hardly wait. Watch this space!


knit nurse said...

I love fairground rides - unfortunately none of my friends do, and it's kind of pointless going on your own. I need to befriend a teenager I think! Nice pics!

Nicola said...

I do have a love of fairground rides too - unfortunately my other half hates them and like you I can't really see the point of riding alone - no fun! This year some friends decided to brave the ride as well - so jumped at the chance to join them. My sore shoulder is better now too :o)