Friday, November 25, 2005

Quickest post in the world?

This will be incomprehensible but never mind I just wanted to at least have posted something...

Three things:

1: My weekend off was well worth it but I am afraid to report that I did in fact enjoy the Christmas Market more than Mr Dylan, but there's nothing too bad about that I guess.

2: This weekend the boyfriend is coming down to London so I must make sure that he too has a good weekend. Thinking possibly of taking him to see Dali Universe but only if he behaves himself.

3: This week I got to the stage in my new job where I no longer have to have every piece of work I do checked to make sure I got it right. They trust me to make final decisions on text alterations on my own. Are they wise? Who knows, but I feel proud of myself at least. The next hurdle will be to get up to the required number of lines per hour... about 200 - eek!

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