Thursday, January 18, 2007

... and relax!

Well now I finally have some space to breathe again, I can explain were I've been.

The answer is: nowhere exciting. This week is the first week back at university and this means essay deadlines. I had various assignments due in yesterday, but me being me, left everything until it got right down to the wire. It is all done now though, I am not expecting excellent marks, a simple pass will make me very happy, low marks for the taught section of my course are not the end of the world in my view, the thesis which I will begin working on in earnest very soon makes up 75% of the course, that is the main thing that I am concerned about being perfect because it is my baby, an idea that I have worked out myself (with a little bit of help from my supervisors) and not just the task of answering an essay question set by someone else that will be answered by lots of people. Working on the essays has made me feel grateful that I am so much more interested in my thesis topic than I was by the essay topics - I hope this means I will be able to launch into the thesis work with enthusiasm.

Of course the other aspect directly related to this is that I have done no knitting whatsoever. Not a stitch since I finished the Jaywalkers. I feel this will have to be remedied very soon, but what to work on, I have a few ideas but I must think things through.

And now, because 'why not?', a picture of an elk, one of my favourite animals:


I took this picture in Leipzig when I was there last year (back in March I think), the elks lived in a park not far from the house I used to live in along with other kinds of animals which would, at one point or another, have been indigenous to the area.

PS. The weather is awful at the moment isn't it? If there is one kind of weather that I really don't like it is strong winds, the place where we live at the moment is quite exposed and I feel like I am being personally battered by the wind every day seeing as I spend so much time in this house. Quite frankly - enough already! Rain, snow (but not too much precipitation either because we have a hole in our roof), be cold or sunny or anything else but please stop being windy! (Helpless and pointless plea to whoever it is that sorts out the weather round here - just a rant really)

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