Friday, July 13, 2007

What I did on my holidays

Well, as we all now know, life has been less than brill since I got back from my hols, BUT that doesn't mean that the actual holiday wasn't just fantastic:

I love Croatia and I loved the warm sun and blue skies, yummy food, friendly hosts, swimming in the sea everyday, not having to do anything I didn't want to do, not turning on the TV for a whole week, spending proper time with the other half, in short it were lovely :)

Why not have a quick look a small pictorial guide to some things that you can get up to in Croatia:

You can stay in a lovely little place like Mlini:
The harbour at Mlini

You can walk round the ┼Żupa Bay from Mlini, stopping for a swim in the lovely clear sea along the way, and take a photo when you get to the end just to prove you did it:
Mlini seen from Srebreno/Kupari

You might be lucky enough to find that when you get in one evening the lovely people you are renting an apartment from have left you lemons and cucumbers from their garden and a plate of delicious home-cooked courgette fritters:
(If you are even luckier the lovely hosts might also invite you round for drinks on the very first night you arrive and cook you a slap up meal of barbecued fish on your last night :) )

You can eat your tea on the balcony (without fear of being rained on) whilst gazing out over the sea:
Dusk from the balcony

Of course you can also do other things whilst you are on the balcony, the most important example being... knitting of course!
Knitting on the balcony

Oh! How I miss my hols... I could ramble for hours, but then this post is getting awfully long. I think now might be the time to end it. That means the knitting progress post will put in an appearance over the weekend, watch this space!


Dipsy said...

Awwww! Thanks so much for posting these awesome pics - I'd so love to go back to Croatia again... and again... and I'll definitely do so! It's pure paradise there, isn't it? Welcome back!

Knit Nurse said...

wow, I'm jealous!